I have completed Learning Gulp by LevelUpTuts. The course consists of 11 lessons and has taught me to install and setup Gulp plugins.

I have also taken the 14 Days to Learn Sass course. This course helped me to grasp fundamentals of SASS directives such as @while. Afterwards I was able to build Snowing animation.

My logo has been redesigned. It is now nearly what I had in mind, but still not exact. Perhaps, when I can afford a designer, I will have one design me a logo. But here it is

Serhii.css Logo

I turned 3 PSDs into code and now I have a page to show my work. I should try and code at least 1 PSD a week for practice.

What else I learned:
  • Instead of using Reset or Normalize, just use needed modules.
  • jQuery has a migrate plugin for new versions, but some libraries do not work still.
  • Touch friendly buttons must be between 25px and 35px in height